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Virginity tests done without court permission

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KABUL: The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission says that 92 per cent of virginity tests are done without court permission and against women’s wills across the country.

The commission said Sunday in a report that only one of 129 women’s virginity tests had a court permission.

The women who interviewed for virginity test, said it was because of fault accusations against them.

64 of them were referred to the forensic for virginity test by police, 32 by attorney general office, five by the shelters and four by the intelligence agency.
14 of these women did not clarify which government or non-government entity had sent them to test virginity, while 46 women tested to prove there was or wasn’t sperm in their vaginas, 31 to prove they are virgins, 29 tested to prove they had sex and the remaining six women tested to prove they were raped.

100 women were tested by female physicians, but four were tested by men doctors which is against medical law, the report said.

62 of these women were married, 34 ones were single, 12 had fiancés and another 14 were widows or divorced.
78 of them are held in prisons, nine in detention center and 42 in shelters.
26 of them expressed hatred from the persons referred them for the test, 22 ones from doctors and six women from their families.
10 of women tested for virginity said they are now isolated, while four of them have committed suicide.
The commission called such tests as insulting and disgracing to women and says it violates human dignity.

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