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‘Voices for Peace in Afghanistan’: New strategy outlines to ensure peace talks

AT News Report-KABUL: A strategy to help bring peace by convincing the armed militants, including the Taliban insurgents, have been on table, the High Peace Council (HPC) informed.

According to HPC, last year all necessary requirements had adopted to finalize a strategy, in which they have worked for six month to bring justice and sustainable peace in the war-torn country.

However, in the past years, there were several efforts inside and abroad, but all of them went in vain as the Taliban insurgents never nodded for peace talks with the Afghan government.

Addressing participants of an event titled “Voices for Peace in Afghanistan,” held in Serena Hotel here in Kabul, Deputy Chairperson of the HPC Habiba Sarabi expressed her optimism in the environment, favoring peace and reconciliation in the country.

She emphasized on collective efforts and involvement of Afghan masses in true letters and spirit to establish durable peace and stability in the country.

“We are very glad to have international community as partner to support us,” she said.

While framing a meaningful and popular strategy, the HPC has been engaged in tireless efforts for the last six months to lead the country towards sustainable peace and justice—across the board, she added.

“The strategy is being envisioned to provide Afghans a secure environment,” she noted.

Sarabi further went on saying that the new policy is based on strategic objectives that include negotiations with armed militants, national consensus—an important object and monitoring of the political agreements to be made between the government and armed insurgents.

Involving local tribal elders, expending capacity of HPC and advocacy for peace would also be among the objectives of the new strategy.

Being a front line state in the ongoing war on terror, Afghan masses have been rendering highest number of sacrifices and till the moment the various terrorist outfits, including the Taliban, Pakistan-based Haqqani network and Daesh have neither signaled to join peace process, nor did Sarabi disclose any encouraging improvement. On the other hand, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces with close coordination of US troops have been inclined to kick-off military offensives against militant groups. Managing violence and peace efforts at a time could be a difficult task for all the concerned parties. However, engagement of popular and deserving tribal elders in the process and extension of HPC to provinces would be a commendable initiative.

Moreover, she informed that national consensus is key to peace and stability in the country which could not be done without result-oriented cooperation by the regional and international community.

“We have to change culture of violence to culture of peace,” Sarabi vowed.

In addition to that, she said HPC has initiated some advisory boards, comprising women, youth and religious scholars to make sure productive role by all segments of the society.

Moreover, the European ambassador to Kabul, Pierre Mayaudon also addressed the event, terming the national consensus as a milestone to establishing peace and stability in the country.

“Building up a national consensus together with regional and international consensuses is undoubtedly one of the priorities of all those who combine the efforts to promote the goals of peace in Afghanistan,” he said.



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