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Wardak residents demand halt to civilian casualties

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KABUL: A number of tribal elders of central Wardak province in a gathering, in Kabul have turned heap towards increase of civilian casualties, asking the government to take tremendous steps in regards.

They termed the civilian casualties as a crime against humanity, saying that insecurity has mostly harmed the women and children in the province.  

“Bombardment is enough, for the sake of God, we call on the government and as well as the Taliban that people can’t bear anymore violence,” said Rahimullah Satar, a tribal elder.

Though the government has constantly promised to prevent civilian casualties in Wardak, Satar said, so far there has been no progress in regards.

Abdul Rahman Wardak, the provincial representative in the parliament said the government should put a halt into civilian casualties.

Meanwhile, Defense Ministry’s Spokesman Fawad Aman has blamed the Taliban for inflicting massive casualties on civilians. “The Taliban have been abusing the civilian and their houses as shelters,” he said, adding, “The Afghan Security Forces are responsible to protect the people and they will not avoid any effort at this point.”

This comes as drone strikes have killed at least ten people, including women and children on Monday evening in western Herat province.

Earlier, the UN Assistant Mission in Afghanistan in a report blamed the Afghan Security Forces for about 31 percent of civilians’ casualties in 2019.

The almost two decade unstoppable war in Afghanistan has claimed the life of over 100,000 civilians so far. However there are serious efforts by US diplomats to hammer out a peace deal with the Taliban-who have been fighting against the Afghan government for more than 18 years.

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