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Warring sides urged to declare 10-day ceasefire

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KABUL: The Afghan women urged the government and Taliban to agree on a ten-day ceasefire and let the people enjoy Eid days in solidarity and peace.

A joint statement of the Afghan women activists released by the Afghan Women Network, said that a ceasefire would result in trust-building measures between the two sides. They expressed their concerns on the violation of women rights and achievements gained during the past two decades and called on the government to not make any deal on their past achievements. 

The statement cited that there is no excuse for continuation of violence as the foreign forces are preparing to leave the country. “We, the women of Afghanistan, call on all conflict parties to continue the necessary negotiations properly and put their ability into facilitating an enduring peace,” the statement said.

“To ensure an enduring and sustainable peace,” they said, “the wishes and priorities of women, youths, minorities and victims of war should be heard on the negotiation table.”

“We have rendered a lot of sacrifices in this way and it is unfair to look down on half of the nation,” the statement added, referring to the women’s contribution in Afghanistan’s development. 

This comes as President Ashraf Ghani and chairman of the high council for national reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah in the earlier days of Ramadan encouraged Taliban to agree on a ceasefire during Ramadan.

However, the group didn’t give any response to their calls, rather they had intensified clashes in which the civilians were the primer victims.

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