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We Can Put Aside Differences on Negotiating Table: Naderi

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KABUL: The State Minister for Peace, Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi on Sunday said that differences should be discussed and resolved on the negotiating table.

He said that war is no longer the solution and the phase of war has already passed away and it’s time to talk.

Speaking in a press conference, he said, “We need to work on trust-building measures. My message to the Taliban is that we have left behind the phase of war and now a new chapter has been reopened which is historic and that is the ongoing peace talks.”

We have to accept each other, he added, saying differences should be ironed out on the table of talks not through war or killing the people.”

Pointing to the escalation of violence by the Taliban, Mr. Naderi said that peace talks and fighting are going on side by side and it’s not a “proper method” to reach peace.

Hinting at the peace process of other countries, Mr. Naderi highlighted that ceasefire and reduction of violence were conditions on the peace process just to boost up trust between the warring sides.

Recently, the Chief negotiators and several members of both negotiation teams (Afghan-Taliban) resumed peace talks last week, in which both sides insisted on the continuation of talks.

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