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West Pledges US Support to Reintegration of Afghanistan into Intl Structure

Kabul- The US special representative for Afghanistan expressed support for continuing the “format” of the Doha Meeting and called for a UN-led process to create a roadmap for Afghanistan’s full integration into the international system.

Thomas West highlighted a strong consensus on collective interests in Afghanistan, emphasizing the universal desire to prevent terrorism threats and ensure the education and empowerment of women and girls.

Abdul Shukor Dadras urged the Islamic Emirate to participate in meetings to prevent the spread of ignorance caused by school closures.

Mawlawi Kabir stated that the Islamic Emirate would attend UN-convened meetings on Afghanistan if Kabul’s conditions were met.

Zabihullah Mujahid emphasized the importance of considering Afghan unity and independence in decision-making.

Political analyst Shaker Hayat noted that Afghanistan, as a third-world country, should not be confrontational with the UN.

The second Doha meeting, hosted by the UNSG in Qatar, concluded without appointing a special UN representative for Afghanistan, contrary to some expectations.

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