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Who is Aslam Farooqi?

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KABUL: The Afghan National Directorate of Security said that its operatives have detained head of IS-K Abdullah Orikzai, aka “Aslam Faroqi”. Faroqi in his initial confession has spoken about the Daesh extremists group’s deep ties with regional intelligence according to the officials.

However, Jawid Faisal, a spokesman for the National Security Office has avoided providing further information in regards.

A Presidential Spokesman, Dawa Khan Meenapal in an interview with Radio Azadi said the intelligence operatives have detained Faroqi along with 19 others. When and where Faroqqi was arrested is not clear yet?

Abdullah Orikzai known as Aslam Faroqqi is a resident of Akhundzada’s village of Orikzai area in Pakistan. He has been the in charge of Daesh subversive actions in Peshawar, Khaibar Pakhtonkhwa. 

According to NDS, Faroqqi has been appointed as head of IS-K in Afghanistan after the killing of Abu-Sayed Bajuri former famous governor of Daesh in Afghanistan.

He has recently been in charge of Daesh affiliated fighters in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province. Based on NDS’s statement, Faroqqi had steady ties with Haqqani and Taliban terrorist networks. The statement has named two other top member of IS-K, Qari Zahid known as Maaz and Saifullah known as Abu-Talha Pakistani, who is in charge of Daesh recruitments in Nangarhar.  

The information about Faroqqi’s detention and his acknowledgement would be share in the future, the NDS said.

The IS-K has asserted responsibility for several deadly attacks in Afghanistan. Indian news agency, “Times” has quoted Kabul based intelligence sources as saying that Faroqqi has planned the attack on Afghan Sikhs’ Gurdwara in Kabul, in which at 27 Sikhs including women and children have been killed.

The ‘Indian Times’ said that NDS would make Faroqqi confessed that who had ordered the attack on Afghan Sikhs’ Gurdwara.  IS-K or so called Daesh has a slightly strong presence in eastern and southern Afghanistan, where the country has along cross line with Pakistan. Earlier, President Ashraf Ghani said that hundreds of IS-K fighters have been killed or surrendered to the Afghan Security Forces in eastern Nangarhar province.

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