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Why Doha all-intra Afghan talks failed to reduce violence?

Over 120 people killed and wounded within two days

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KABUL: There is dedication for peace; have opted for political settlement, and they have changed with consensuses of reduction of violence and in regards to women rights. This is what Kabul delegates revealed after meeting Taliban Qatar-based negotiation members during all-intra Afghan talks held in Qatar from 7th and 8th July. However, Taliban also talked about segregation of boys and girl’s schools, and within hours, their chief negotiation Abbas Stanikzai termed the process as conference, where its agreement or recommendations, according to him, are not binding.

Trucks on fire in Kandahar custom in result of Taliban attack on Provincial Police HQ. 18/Jul/2019

Not only violence has been intensified, but the Taliban group claimed responsibilities of several deadly attacks from Kabul, the capital city to provinces, and the recent one in Kandahar, in which 12 people were killed and over 100 others received injuries.

Over 19 people, mostly civilians were killed, and over 120 others, again civilians wounded within today days in Kabul and Kandahar inhumane acts. Women, and children were among them. At least eight were killed and 33 others wounded in Friday’s blast near Kabul University. However, Taliban group rejected involvement, saying the group has nothing to do with the incident.

Furthermore, Taliban group carried out several other attacks across the country, in which many people were killed and wounded—a clear indication that all- intra Afghan talks failed. To be more optimistic, so far it has been failed, where hope for a peace deal to end the long miseries of Afghan civilians, is still animated.

Worth mentioning that Taliban group carrying out daily attacks, despite reported progress as seventh round of Talks between US envoy and Taliban members expected to be resumed in earliest. Sediq Sediqqi, President Ashraf Ghani’s spokesman, said Taliban despicable attack in Kandahar took the lives of so many innocent lives. “These attacks are clear signs of continued violence and brutality by a group that are engaging some in talks that ends nowhere,” he said in a tweet message.

Civilians receiving treatment in hospital after Taliban attacked Kandahar Police HQ. 18.Jul.2019

Young Afghan National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib that Taliban were deliberately targeting innocent and vulnerable civilians in their attacks and explosions. “Today’s attack infront of the Kabul  University, targeting innocent students is a glare example of this group’s atrocity against civilians.

“We condemn this brutal attack in the strongest terms, and consider such acts as un-Islamic and inhumane. While Afghans are optimistic and hopeful about the current peace talks, these attacks diminishes the hopes and wishes of our people in regard to peace,” he added.

Despite the high importance of peace to us, we stand firmly in defense of our people, he said, adding, “Our brave Afghan National Defense and Security Forces continue to defend us and reciprocate this attack against the Taliban.”

Moreover, The Taliban complex coordinated attack on southern Kandahar’s provincial police headquarters that took the lives of 12 people was conspired in Pakistan. The National Directorate of Security (NDS) in a statement said that the attack was plotted in the city of Chaman in Baluchistan state of Pakistan, adding, the attackers were spearheaded by a Taliban commander named Mullah Agha during the attack.

Deadly attacks continue in the face of diplomatic efforts to end what is now the longest war ever that have been imposed on Afghan people. This is really exasperating that manifest deadlock that highly exists in the peace talks with casting heavy doubts over Taliban’s intention of ending the war through dialogues.

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