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Why the Taliban target our education?

What did the Taliban do to us? And see their indifference. They still claim to be fighting for Afghans. There is perhaps no act of cruelty left they didn’t do. From bombing funeral prayers to exhuming dead bodies and punishing them, from bombing markets to targeting schools, from poisoning schoolgirls to hurling acid on their faces, from collecting forced zakat (extortion) of agriculture crops to taking away schoolchildren and sending them to battlefield, there is a long list of their cruelties, yet they say they are fighting for the liberation of Afghans. They shut dozens of schools in Warduj district of northern Badakhshan province, last week. They recruited schoolchildren to fight against an elected government and our national troops. Earlier they used to call our elected governments as puppets, but now they call it apostate. This is extreme of hypocrisy. It is no secret anymore whose product is the Taliban. Pakistan’s former president and military chief, Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf confessed recently that they were formed by Pakistan and Osama bin Laden and Taliban were their heroes. He said they were formed jointly by Pakistan and the United States. When al-Qaeda, Taliban and so on the joint products of Pakistan and the United States, then how can they call an elected government an apostate body? At least the government has people’s support. It didn’t storm Kabul and unleash terror in across the country. If Taliban, al-Qaeda and other militant outfits have also the US backing and the government as well, who the people will pick up? Indeed the government and not the Taliban. And the Taliban have seen it in two presidential elections—the elections of 2009 and 2014. The general public dared the Taliban threats and warnings. They swelled out before the polling stations and rejected the Taliban. The humiliated Taliban cannot digest this bitter fact. Even in their prime time, the Taliban were not a government. They didn’t have any membership of the United Nations. They didn’t have any embassies except in Pakistan and two other countries. By having embassy in a country or two doesn’t provide you the justification that must be called a government. in fact before 9/11 there was no government in Afghanistan. And when now we have one, they are hell-bent on destabilizing it. And those who are supporting them are none other than own Muslim neighbor, who claims to be the fortress of Islam.

Taliban militants have shut dozens of schools in Warduj district of northern Badakhshan province, officials said on Monday. Taliban has started recruiting students to fight against their very much own homeland. It is a well-knit conspiracy against the children of Afghans. Whether they are in Afghanistan or in Pakhtunkhwa, they are target of this devilish conspiracy. They are targeting our children—our future. They want them kept in the dark. They want them to be used as raw materials in their evil foreign policy games. And this is the reason, where there Afghan and Pashtun lives, they target their schools. From Badakhshan to Kunar, from Helmand to Nangarhar, from Khost to South Waziristan, from North Waziristan to Khyber, from Bajaur to Swat, they target their schools. They want to shut the door of knowledge on them. We face a cunning enemy. The enemy is not a daring one. The problem is they use their brain while we use our sentiments. Our policymakers will have to design such security policies, which are impregnable. We will have to use our brain too. We need to outsmart them.

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