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Wolesi Jirga accuses security officials of negligence

AT-KABUL: The lawmakers on Saturday accused the senior security officials of negligence in the projection of cadets targeted Thursday by the terrorist attacks in Kabul.

Speaker of Wolesi Jirga Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said that security officials neglected in secure transporting of the newly graduated policemen from Wardak’s military training to Kabul.

He alleged the high-ranking security profiles were responsible for the bloody terrorist attack against disarmed security convoy in which 38 policemen were killed and 40 injured.

“We address the government officials to deeply assess the case and be aware parliament will also kick off the investigation over the past suicide attacks,” Ibrahimi mentioned.

Lali Naeem Hamidzai, the representative from Kandahar claimed that the recent terrorist attack against Afghan security convoy was launched by Pakistan spy agency in retaliation of conflict in the Torkham crossing.

He asked the government to arrest the fifth pillar Pakistan spy inside the government who were involved in organizing terrorist attacks against security convoy.

Sayed Nadir Shah Bahr, another lawmaker, said that security officials were guilty in safe and secure transporting of the cadets.

He pointed out that security convoy was witness of bloody terrorist attacks many times, but government did not take any lesson to shift the policemen in secure manner.

“It was quite negligence of security officials that not pay attention for security of the newly trained policemen particularly in the fragile condition which every moment it expects the terrorist attacks,” Bahr asserted.

Lawmakers asked for the interpellation of the security officials for their negligence in secure shifting of newly trained policemen to Kabul.

In connection to the case of the recent attack, Ministry of Interior arrested Khalil Andarabi, police chief of Wardak who is under investigations of military judiciary organs.

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