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Women role vital for peace in Afghanistan: IHRC

AT-KABUL: The Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Chief, Dr. Seema Samar has emphasized on active role of women in all walks of the society.

In a press briefing here in Kabul on Tuesday, Samar linked the ongoing conflict in the country with the lack of required participation of women in private and government institutions.

“As long as sexual discrimination continues between women and men in Afghanistan, the current conflicts won’t end any time soon,” Samar, told newsmen.

She expressed serious concerns over growing of women’s rights violation in the country, pointing out the practice of violation is a matter of day to day.

Moreover, official at the Ministry of Culture has also admitted that the existing laws, framed for the protection of women’s rights have been put in the cold storage and not working systematically to overcome the issue.

It is worth mentioning that women are an integral part of today’s society and could not keep them any more behind the curtains doing only domestic duties. Participation of women is critical to success of any democratic society and peace building process. Facts are sacred, if half of the population is excluded or faces discrimination, peace, democracy and development of society would be impossible to achieve. Besides many problems to be handled, Afghanistan, in parliamentary bodies has constitutionally guaranteed the largest representation of women in the region.

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