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World leaders call for political settlement to end Afghan war

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KABUL: Representatives from the United States, NATO, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and the United Kingdom, met in Rome to discuss Afghanistan’s situation, where they urged a political solution, saying that Afghan war would end militarily.

The representatives of economic giants also expressed concerns over high-level violence and trampling of human rights.

The meeting reiterated support for Afghan defense and security forces, saying they wouldn’t accept a government formed by force.

“We believe that nobody should try to impose their thoughts and wills on other side. All parties are responsible to resolve problems facing the people during conflicts. The world inhabitants should not remain spectators, they should hold those who want to prolong the war accountable,” said Najiah Anwari, spokeswomen of the state ministry for peace.

The representatives of Western states and organizations in their meeting in Rome, emphasized on women’s meaningful participation in the government and in political deals.

They asked the war parties in Afghanistan to reduce violence and protect civilians and pay respect to internationally recognized human rights laws.

“Taliban should stop attacks and should call on their fighters to join the peace process meaningfully.”

But Taliban say that peace would be ensured only when they reach an agreement with Kabul.

“The peace deal signed in Doha had emphasized on the release of our prisoners and the remove of our leaders’ names from UN blacklist. But this did not happen,” Taliban’s Political Spokesman Mohammad Naiem said Sunday, referring to the group’s peace deal with the United States signed in February 2020 in Qatari capital.

The US President Joe Biden in a phone conversation with his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani, reassured of Washington’s continued support to Afghan security and defense forces.

The two leaders emphasized on maintaining and strengthening of bilateral relations and the preserving of what Afghans gained as major achievements in the past 20 years.

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