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Youth hopefuls—a new hope

By Masomjan Masomy-The people of Afghanistan still hope for a bright future which is possible by implementation of Constitution, ensuring of equity, fighting corruption, illustrating of right of democracy and so on. This is somewhat which most of the Afghans are desperately looking for—for many years and to give reality to the dream of prosper Afghanistan, the Afghan masses would come up to the fore to cast vote for their favorite hopefuls in the forthcoming parliamentary election.

This time the country is experiencing the third term of its parliamentary elections which is scheduled to be held in October 20, in which Afghans across the country will approach nearby polling stations to vote.

There is mix reaction and expectation—at one hand there is doubt over election’s transparency, while insecurity is making headache with fear of not having nationwide elections, depriving a number of Afghans from their right to vote—but at another hand the emerged of young candidates have generated new hope, and most importantly an area of optimistic among the Afghans remerged for better parliament as educated young Afghans both male and female are contesting in election race.

There is more chance for these candidates to win seats, as the past lawmakers—not all of them—but most of them showed their real face of insincerity with not obeying their commitment made during election campaigns to gain support. They were engaged in deceiving policies till their last breath being in Lower House of parliament as lawmakers.

Meanwhile, pessimism views is here among the Afghan masses regarding transparency of election, where many Afghans don’t rule out interfering of high-ranking government officials in the national process of voting. They cast doubt over fair, free and transparent October 20 legislative election.

Undoubtedly, there would be massive fraud with huge intervention by incumbent and former senior government officials, and powerful figures with core reason of finding way for their specific candidates to the parliament. No matter from which way, and would exert utmost efforts even don’t deter from mass-scale frauds to make it possible. For them, the Afghan masses vote has no value.

Furthermore, insecurity has been the major obstacle ahead of elections throughout the country as many people unwilling to approach nearby polling stations to cast vote due to security threat posing by armed insurgents. Even coordinate attacks by fighters loyal to different insurgent outfits is not far from expectation.

Recently, Taliban group has warned the Afghan government and people of abrogating parliamentary elections process across the country. In a statement, the extremist group directly asked people to refrain from voting unless the people ‘themselves’ would be responsible for any sort of pitfall consequences. They extremist group also said that they would not allow people to vote for any hopefuls.

However, such thing or warning will and had never stopped the Afghan masses for making history or practicing democracy through votes. In the past they were also warned, but voted in millions to elect new leader.

Despite of various hardships; fragile security situation and a high pessimism outlook regarding no transparency in elections, still the people are looking forward to making a better parliament which might be more exceptional than the last two terms of parliaments – but this time a different reason of attending unprecedented youths candidates show they are mostly faithful to the national values and interests.

Most youth candidates are educated, holders of bachelor or master degrees as well as decent and committed to their country away from corruptions, and any other crimes.

At this crucial moment, its responsibility of the government and international community to maintain election security in order to let the Afghan masses to vote for the favorite candidates in a peaceful environment.

On the other hand, Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Afghan government have to assure the masses of fair and free elections to easy people’s anxieties which highly persist among them over fraudulent elections.

The writer is Research Assistant at the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan.

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