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Acting governors and corruption

Allegations against acting governors in different provinces have surfaced. The Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee and Provincial Council members have stood together in condemning the growing corruption of the acting governors to draw attention of the government towards the malpractices of the acting governors. It’s believed that power corrupts but at the same time it is also believed that losing power corrupts those who wield it. Should the allegations be accepted true, it means these acting governors being taken over by fear of power-loss have geared up corruption and want to grab more and more in the last days of their stint because soon they are likely to be replaced by the chosen figures. Since power corrupts, the society must demand increase in moral authority and character when its public representatives’ positions increase. When the society doesn’t make them accountable at such a moment even the government doesn’t react promptly and effectively. It is public pressure that makes government’s decisions and actions accelerated. In absence of public pressure, usually governments’ actions are snail-paced. The problem with our government is that it was formed after a neck and neck competition, allegations of poll rigging on industrial scale, where at times it was feared the country will slide back into chaos, however when it was formed, ministries formation and governors appointments hit the snag. This is why only three governors have been introduced. The three provinces are Paktika, Farah, and Kunduz to have new governors. The remaining 31 provinces are being run by acting governors. Unfortunately the government didn’t come into existence with a graceful way therefore it caused vacuums in different areas.

And when corruption is the enemy of progress, good governance and accountability, the government should launch a stern war to give good riddance to the society of this plaguing disease. But it would be in the position to launch a stern war on corruption when there is no schism between the two leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG). How to get rid of corruption is a herculean job however when the government and the people at large come together they can achieve this national objective effectively. Amid the hue and cry against the corruption of the acting governors, it is worth satisfaction that at least someone from the government has spoken on the issue. The Deputy Spokesman of the NUG, Jawed Faisal said the government will introduce the governors after evaluating them. Now the matter of concern is how much time the government needs to evaluate right candidates for governor slots? What matters the government will take into account? Only education or moral background and character? The more the government delays the appointments of new governors the more it is providing space to the corrupt acting governors to satiate their greed. Therefore, the government shouldn’t lose any more time in wrangling rather it should take public welfare into account and appoint new governors as soon as possible. Since September 2014, too much time has already elapsed and if there is any more delay in shaping the cabinet and appointing new governors, it will be a biggest question mark of the capacity and performance of the new government. No rule of law, no accountability, increase in human rights abuses, plaguing corruption, rampant joblessness, and a long list of other challenges is there to be addressed by the current government but how when it doesn’t have a fully shaped cabinet and no new governors.

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