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Editorial: A look inside Afghanistan times

Today is the day when it all started — the day when this newspaper launched back in 2006. We are celebrating our 12th anniversary as the country’s leading English news organization, by adhering to the principle of unbiased and independent news-making and launching a range of initiatives. These include a capacity-building …

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Editorial: Kunduz fatality

Deaths and injuries from suicide bombings and complex attacks by militants has reached new peak. But such reciprocate from Afghan and foreign forces is absolutely unacceptable. The objective of terrorism is to spread terrorism in several forms to terrorize the people. To maintain their power, even don’t deter to kill …

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ED: Nine million voters?

Indeed, election is one of the most important pillars of democracy to be practiced in a very best manner. Elections are the most important time for both citizens in country and the politicians. A free and fire election guarantees the trust of the citizens in the elected government. As we …

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Editorial: Tragedy of war insufferable

A shift in policy of Taliban group with more softness that appeared in the group’s recent statement of halting bombings, has generated hope toward ending the war. After three days ceasefire, now they declared not to target civilian areas, something absolute in contrary to what they have done in the …

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Editorial: Air corridor boosts economy

Will the air corridors program of the government really boosts up economy? The history of the past air corridor and its implementation in proper way, suggests yes. Noting landlocked geographical point of Afghanistan, air corridor alongside trade routes, possibly will highly play significant role in bolstering economy. The expansion of …

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Editorial: Unlocking Afghan conflict

Nothing can atone for ‘peace and reconciliation’ debacle and perhaps nothing can circumvent the menace it spews, except for a termination of perennial hypocrisy and political deceit; and nothing can unlock the conflict in the war-shattered country except for a genuine spirit and grit to recoil from unhinging quasi-counterterrorism policies …

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