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It’s possible to end poverty in Afghanistan

By Annette Dixon-October 17 is the international day to end poverty. There has been much progress toward this important milestone: the World Bank Group’s latest numbers show that since 1990 nearly 1.1 billion people have escaped extreme poverty. Between 2012 and 2013 alone, around 100 million people moved out of …

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The current MPCB syllabus calls for radical changes

By Dr Shams Najib-MPCB neither stands for Motor Protection Circuit Breaker nor for Multi-Purpose Collaborative Body, but it stands for Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (MPCB). This is a two-semester course at the beginning of Afghanistan’s Medical Schools. MPCB has failed to achieve sufficient rigor to prepare students for tackling …

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Health problems in Afghanistan

Some recent examples of maternal deaths in remote villages in four provinces Dr Harun Najafizada and Alia Rajai To inform the debate on maternal deaths in Afghanistan we wanted to take some snapshots of some recent deaths in remote villages. Two of us (Harun Najafizada and Alia Rajai) made brief …

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 To be or not to be:  Peace or extinction

By Dr Khurshid Alam-The end to the great bloody game is not in sight as predicted by our leaders when it was started that it will go till the last Pashtun/ Afghan. It was obvious from the start that the agenda is colossal needs blood to complete the script. In the present political scenario “terror” is the need of the period for the Pakistan’s …

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The only solution to the Afghan problem

By Hafeez Hassanabadi-Apparently America had a big gratitude on Russia by removing its missile shield program from Eastern Europe, because from the beginning it has been opposing it. However, there are two main reasons behind it which are generally ignored; no one is willing to turn the debate towards it …

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The politics of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Taliban

By Ajmal Shams-Ever since President Ashraf Ghani has assumed office about two years ago, Afghan-Pak relations have witnessed many ups and downs. President Ghani in an exclusive interview with Pakistan’s famous Geo Television about a month ago tried to articulate his country’s case in the strongest possible terms. On this …

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