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Editorial: Far from peace

At an unofficial dialogue in Doha, organized by the Pugwash institute, the Taliban showed its stance on the peace process which was more about preconditions. The insurgent group also talked about the so-called factors that sparked violence in Afghanistan. The Taliban blamed foreigners for the ongoing war.

However, they did not answer the key questions troubling this nation such as: When the foreigners left this country then why they were fighting? Who started destruction of the country in 1992? Who interfered in Afghanistan in 1990s? Moreover, who supported the militant group at that time and provided intelligence and other facilities to storm Kabul in 1996? Let’s talk about incompetence of the rulers. Why the Taliban failed to bring unity among people and improve their lifestyle? Can they tell us that how many universities, colleges, schools, factories, roads, bridges, TV channels and dams they built? Harsh, but the reality is that they actually destroyed the shaking infrastructure and reduced them to rubbles.

If they are against the US and emphasize on Afghan-owned peace process then they should adopt a clear stance. They are against the allied forces on one hand but on the other they want direct talks with the American authorities. What a pity! The group shall stick to its stance. The Taliban shall respect and listen to the Afghan government while renouncing violence if it believes on homemade solutions; otherwise, they shall directly talk to the Americans. They shall not play with emotions of this troubled nation. “The invasion of 2001 ushered in many tragedies and issues for the Afghan people which are well-known and still continue. These issues could not be resolved by the use of force,” the Taliban believes. The militant group said this in a media statement. When the Taliban know that the problems could not be resolved through use of force, then why they turned this land of peace into a hell? Why are they carrying out terror attacks and planting landmines that claim lives of thousands of known and unknown civilians? War is not a necessity. There are several choices. The best choice is to throw the blanket of foreign influence and return to homeland. Renounce violence and listen to people whom you want to rule. Then contest the polls. No one will allow foreign boots on this soil if the insurgents do so.

The group also claims that it believes in freedom of speech and serving public. How are they committed to freedom of speech when they are killing journalists? On Wednesday, they proved what free media meant to them. They killed seven staffers of a TV channel and left many maimed. For the group many journalists are spies or pro-US. At least the militant group shall clarify its stance in this regard. As far as the “serving public” part of the statement is concerned, it is better to ask internally displaced people why they left their native towns. Let us ask the children in southern and eastern provinces that why their schools are shut. Let us ask the farmers that why they grow poppy in areas where the Taliban has strong presence. Attacks on infrastructure projects including dams are a reminder that the group would hardly change its rigid policies. The blood bath will continue unless the Taliban brings considerable changes in its policies such as respecting human values and Constitution.






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