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Hard-working ministers deserve appreciation

AT-KABUL: Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah said Monday that appointing and dismissal of minister was clear in the agreement made to divide the power between him and the president in forming the national unity government.

Earlier, Ghani dismissed Ali Ahmad Osmani, minister of energy and water who is from Abdullah’s team. Deputy energy and water minister was appointed as caretaker.

Abdullah said that the ministers with good achievements should be appreciated and “advisers should not interfere in their works”.

The chief executive did not specify any person or government organ, but said that government bodies should be empowered.

“Personal interferences by the government advisers to the work of ministers should not be imposed. This is our responsibility to pay attention in this part. When a minister is corrupt and misuses his authority, this should be investigated in the framework of the law,” Abdullah said.

The office of chief executive in reaction to Osmani’s dismissal said that he was a successful and hard-working person and decision on his fate would be made after the return of president Ghani from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit held in China.

Soon after his dismissal oreder, Osmani went to his office and signed a solar power project agreement costing 13 million dollars, an attemptto defy the president’s order.

He said there were “serious questions” behind his dismissal and he would answer them in a suitable time.

Kabir Ranjbar, a lawyer, said that the president was authorized to appoint and dismiss ministers, adding that defiance to presidential order was a crime.

“The president has authority to accept resignations, appoint and dismiss civil and military officials. This is a special authority of the president and he can use it at any time. Anyone including the chief executive that try to oppose and create obstacles to presidential order, only harm their own positions because this is a violation of the law,” said Ranjbar.

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