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A horrific day in the capital Kabul

The attack in the Shah Shaheed neighborhood in Kabul early Friday, scores of people were ruthlessly killed and hundreds were injured is a stark reminder that how the security is weak but still there is no defense minister as the parliament has rejected four of President’s Ashraf Ghani’s picks. The blast was so much power that it jolted the neighborhood miles away besides inflicting wounds on 47 women and 33 children from broken glasses. The chaos was part of a violent series of attacks on Kabul as the capital city has been attacked three times within 24 hours. Targeting the installation of the Afghan National Security Forces must be a thought provoking moment for the government and the security agencies as the militants succeeded in reaching such a sensitive place. The government must also revisit its peace dialogue approach and ponder over if someone is trying to keep the government busy in elusive peace talks while the real aim is to carry out deadliest attacks as sometimes elusive hopes are suicidal. After the attack on the military installation, the militants attacked a police academy where 35 people were killed and many received injuries. Among them 27 were police cadets. The attack is said to be carried out by a man dressed in a police uniform who walked into a group of recruits and blew himself up. This series of attacks came days after a UN report said civilian casualties in Afghanistan have surged in the first six months of the year. The current government cannot be blamed for causing the bloodshed as the leadership has tried to avert any political chaos while compromising, but yes it is blameworthy for being so placid over what’s happening as in a critical situation one must not be diplomatic rather they will must take some bold decision. There must be zero tolerance for militancy. Though, the country has too many problems but it is insecurity that has taken away the sleep of the nation. Afghanistan has been at war for nearly the past four decades. And it was during this period of four decades that a bloody mindset was engineered. A huge capital was invested in this mindset. It will take a longer time to dismantle this mindset, but yes there must be some quick fixes on security fronts and that’s a stern security approach. Until the militants receive a head reeling blow by powerful military operations their backbone wouldn’t weaken and until there is a honed intelligence service, the bloodthirsty militants will remain disguised as civilians. The show of the bloodshed will keep continue and the nation will have to bear an unbearable death toll. Though security forces have never shown their back, but yes in the absence of a coherent security mechanism, insecurity has been steadily in the hike. Therefore, there is an urgent need of security overhaul as it is not just heart and spleen in the war that make you the winner but yes a well chalked out strategy as well, which needs brain while unfortunately the brain center is busier in other matters. To weaken the bone of the insurgents, aerial power must be used as this is the only thing the militants are afraid of.

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