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‘A silver lining’; Karzai optimistic as Doha talks unfold

We will witness resumption of serious peace talks soon

I call on both sides to cease their fighting, especially the Taliban

Both sides should stand firm and forge ahead for a lasting peace

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai is projecting optimism that serious negotiations will start between the government and the Taliban, asking Tuesday both sides of the war to embrace this opportunity and advance the cause of peace.

“We will witness the resumption of serious peace talks soon and we will secure lasting peace,” said Karzai at a press conference. “We will reach peace,” he said, biding people not lose their hope.

“I call on both sides of the conflict to cease their fighting, especially the Taliban.” Karzai contended that the Taliban will not achieve anything desirable by their capturing of districts and towns, asking the group to switch up a gear and stick to peace talks.

The former president said, “We should understand our nation and the values we are fighting for; “no stranger can trample us, unless we ourselves become tools”.

“We called the Taliban our brothers, and been chastised for it.” We call upon them again to stop destroying the infrastructure of our country. Instead both the government and the Taliban must stand firm, forge ahead for a lasting peace and ultimately establish a national government through peace”.

Karzai argued that the bleak situation Afghanistan is undergoing was temporary and that the war is imposed by the world’s power blocs. “Stay united for a peace, which is the key trajectory out of crises.”

He called on youths to not leave the country, and use their energy and knowledge in serving the country.

“We have a young and educated generation, so we must have confidence,” he asserted.

He said that the leadership of the country and decision about the future of the government is not the individual’s authority; it belongs to the will of the Afghan people, which through everyone’s will is practiced.

He termed freedom of speech one of the famous achievements of Afghan people and announced his support for this achievement.

He also ensured the women that they would have the right of education, work as well as the right to participate in the political arena.

Former President Karzai, who has key rule in political issues in the country, calls on both sides to strictly follow the peace process, while recently the Taliban ramped up violence and raids and captured several districts in different provinces across the country.

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