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Afghan war crimes probe must go ahead: AIHRC

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KABUL: The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has put weight behind the Afghan war crimes probe by the International Criminal Court.

The commission in a statement has praised a beneficial and fair justice system within the international measures and standards that can prosecute the perpetrators of the Afghan war crimes.

The human right watchdog released the statement after the US President Donald Trump imposed sanctions against the staffs of the International Criminal Court.  

The commission has called on the Afghan government to support any national and international efforts to prosecute to lays out a fair justice for the victims of the war in Afghanistan.

Finding the truth, accessibility to the information and compensation of the justice are the main rights of the war victims, the statement reads.

On Thursday, the US President Trump signed an executive order against the ICC’s staff, who are conducting an investigation over the US and NATO troops crimes in the Afghan war that lasted for almost two decades.

The US Secretary of State, Mike Popeo has termed the activities of the ICC as a “Kangoro Court”, saying that US will not allow prosecution of Americans in Afghanistan and the Israelis forces’ alleged crimes against the Palestinians.

The decision by Washington to denounce the prosecutors of the war crimes’ investigation, was condemned by European Union, United Nations and as well as by the ICC.  

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borell said that Trump’s decision is a matter of concern. He said prosecution of the war crimes is a key factor for peace and that it should be supported by all nations. 

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