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Afghanistan, international community discuss equipping security forces

AT News Report-KABUL: Afghan government and the international community discussed the latter’s assistance in finance and equipping security forces in the 9th Oversight Coordinating Body (OCB) meeting held in Kabul, finance ministry said Sunday.

“In the meeting, minister of defense, deputy minister of interior, military generals, ambassadors and representatives from 23 donor countries were also present. The participants discussed on the progress and achievements of Afghanistan after Warsaw and Brussels conferences , Implementation of mutual security commitments between the Afghan government and donors, funding and equipping security and defense forces, security roadmap (counter-terrorism and narcotics, leadership development, training, anti-corruption and future plans), financial reform, working progress in the Center for Justice and Judiciary,  institution building  and reforms in security and defense sectors.”

“In 2012, we went to Chicago and committed to financing our own security by 2024. Today, I am reiterating that commitment. In the previous Afghan year (1395) our contributions to our own security costs were AFN 29 billion. In the current year, they stand at 30.5 billion. Next year in 1397, we estimate that our contribution to the ANDSF will rise to AFN 35 billion; representing a 40 percent increase over three years” said finance minister, Eklil Hakimi.

“The OCB plays a critical role in ensuring that the donor community’s efforts in Afghanistan are meeting the needs of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, as well as the expectations of the donor countries regarding the effectiveness of our assistance and the transparency and accountability our governments require.” said assistant chief of mission for U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Richard H. Riley.

“It is a great privilege for The Netherlands to take over the co-chair of the OCB for the next six months. The Netherlands recognizes the important work done by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior on creating a more secure and stable Afghanistan. We realize serious challenges remain. Therefore we look forward to working together on countering corruption, implementing ongoing reforms within the ministries, and continuing to improve the role of women within the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF)” Bihari said.

The Security officials provided information regarding progress, achievements and their future plans.

The OCB was established in 2013 after the NATO Summit in Chicago. It is co-chaired by Ministry of Finance and one of the donor countries with donation of at least US$20 Million to the Military Sector of Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


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