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“Afghans don’t want unity government repetition”

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KABUL: The NATO senior civil representative in Afghanistan, Nicholas Kay urged a transparent result of presidential election, saying that the people of Afghanistan would not want the repetition of the national unity government anymore.

He said that Afghans do not want a foreigner to come and help them solve their electoral problems.

Kay asked the election commission to announce a transparent and clear result of election to maintain public trust.

“I haven’t met any Afghan who wants the repetition of the national unity government. I have met a number of Afghans who want this time one candidate win the election clearly. I haven’t seen an Afghan who want a foreign person to come and solve their problems on election,” he said.

Kay mentioned negotiations between the United States and Taliban, but said that the group has not yet cut relations with al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

He said that all regional states can help Afghan peace process, but emphasized that only intra-Afghan dialogues would be able to solve deadlock.

“The regional countries should support a stable Afghanistan and intra-Afghan talks. They can play an important role in this regard, but neither NATO nor regional countries can solve the Afghanistan problems. Only Afghan government, politicians and Taliban can solve the problems through dialogues.”

Kay reiterated NATO was committed to support Afghan security forces.

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