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Afghans, foreign diplomats doubt Taliban’s peace commitments

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KABUL: Doubts over Taliban’s honestly and commitments to peace raised among Afghans and in foreign diplomatic circles after tens of soldiers and police were killed Thursday in a group of armed men’s attack on their joint checkpoint in the southern province of Zabul.

Taliban have not claimed responsibility for the attack that took place on the eve of Persian New Year.

The militants signed a peace deal with the United States on February 29 that allows the US gradual withdrawal and the insurgents vowed in return to reduce violence.

Taliban had promised to hold talks with the government of Afghanistan, but it seems now to be facing an impasse after President Ghani refused Taliban demand over the release of their 5,000 fighters from government prisons as a precondition for talks.

The attack in the Spina Ghbargha area happened with the help of Taliban’s infiltrators in the army and police forces, killing at least 24 troops.

Some government officials blamed the attack on Taliban, while the group’s spokesman had said they were investigating the issue.

“The United States has signed peace agreement with a terrorist group and has violated Afghanistan national sovereignty,” said Gholam Hossain Nasseri, a member of parliament.

He believes that peace process would not give fruit.

“This barbaric move brings Taliban’s commitments for peace under the shadow of serious doubt,” German Ambassador to Kabul, Peter Prugel said.

Qazi Mohammad Amin Waqad, a former jihadi leader, said that usually such attacks are referred to Taliban despite the group’s denial.

“Whoever carries such attacks, the blame goes to Taliban who have announced to intensify attacks. The intensive attack does not match with peace talks. They need to abandon attacks and observe reduction of violence,” he said.

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