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AGO denies sending list of ‘corrupt attorneys’ to President

KABUL: The Attorney General Office (AGO) on Saturday rejected the recent media reports about sending a list including names of the AGO attorneys charged with corruption to the president.

Spokesman to the AGO, Abdul Basir Azizi, in a press conference denied sending new list of “corrupt attorneys” to the Presidential Palace and said that according to Article 134 of the constitution it is the job of the AGO to investigate corruption cases and arrest those who are taking bribes.

“However, no one has been detained or the list sent to the president as reported in the media. Only eight employees of different government organizations including four attorneys accused of corruption were detained, their cases were finalized and sent to the Supreme Court few weeks ago. There is no new list,” he stressed.

Regarding progress over the corruption cases, he said that around 90 percent of the cases were finalized and sent to the court. He added that the jury would decide whether the accused persons are involved in corruption or not.

Replying to a question the spokesman said that cases of seven former ministers, accused of corruption, have been finalized and sent to the apex court.

But a special court where the ex-ministers should be trialed has not been formed so far because it could only be done by the president and Supreme Court of the country, he said. (Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi)

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