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Atmar stresses on joint efforts against terrorism

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Terming Daesh (ISIS) as common enemy of Afghanistan and the region, the National Security Advisor, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, told senators on Tuesday that joint efforts are needed to uproot terrorism in the region.

“The role of Jihadi leaders, religious scholars and civil society members will not be forgotten in war on terror in Afghanistan. Jihadi commanders supported the security forces in Kunduz war,” said Atmar.

Hinting at the self-proclaimed Daesh militants in the country, the National Security Advisor said Daesh has a ‘special interest’ for Afghanistan, as it wants to reach the Central Asia through this country. “The government will stand against this rebel group and will not allow it to threat the national security,” he vowed.

About insecurity in northern provinces, he said the war in north was started years back; however, it has increased this year if compare it with the previous years.

He said the National Security Council (NSC) in collaboration with concerned agencies has drafted a strategic plan to demolish the self-proclaimed Daesh militants in the country. “Targeting of Daesh commander in Helmand was part of the strategic plan,” he added.

In regard to the bilateral security agreement (BSA) signed between Kabul and Washington in September 2014, Atmar assured senators that the security deal has been implemented as the US has pledged $4.2 billion for Afghan security forces. “According to the BSA, the US has not taken part in military operations and has left them to local security forces,” he said.

He suggested the senators to amend the security agreement if they want military support by the US troops. However, he said that there are still some problems in implementation of the BSA.

“Terrorists have fled with their families to the country after the military operation by Pakistan’s army in North Waziristan. Afghan security forces have detained 20 of the families so far,” he said.

Hinting at presence of foreign militants in Kunduz and other northern provinces, he said the terrorists will be eliminated in near future, as the security forces have planned range of military operations there.

He added that a joint commission will be formed to assess implementation of the security deal.

He hinted at lack of weapons for security forces during military operations, he said the government is mulling to seek other allies’ help in this regard—including Russia. “We will overcome this problem soon. “Logistical problems have been resolved at much extent and air transportation has been enhanced by spending $1.5 billion. We are still faced with problems in air transportation which I hope that will be solved in near future,” he concluded.

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