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Badghis Jawand’s district under Taliban economy siege for one decade

Provincial officials put military action as a last resort to fracture the siege

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QALA-I-NAW: Jawand district of northern Badghis province has been under the complete siege of the Taliban group over the last ten years, provincial officials said on Monday.

Provincial Governor, Hassamuddin Shams confirmed the siege. Mr. Shams said the local administration repeatedly tried to break the siege through mediation of the tribal elders, but the Taliban did not respond positively.

He put military actions as a last resort to fracture the blockade.

Meanwhile, head of provincial council member Abdul Aziz Baig said that the Taliban blocked the road of the Jawand district which caused food insecurity to the people.

According to Mr. Baig, Afghan security forces are giving their food to the local people of the district in order to save them from starvation.

He accused the Taliban of putting economic pressure on the people of the district to tighten the siege of the district.

20kg of rice is sold at 6,000 Afghani in Qala-i-Naw, the capital city of the province, Mr. Baig said. “It’s three times higher than the original price.”

The First Vice President, Amurullah Saleh said the Taliban have put the Jawand district under food siege and have been torturing people for transporting bread for some time and even killing them.

Mr. Saleh said efforts to deliver bread to the people of Jawand had begun.

According to Saleh, there have been several contacts with the local officials to break the siege but action has yet to be taken.

Mr. Saleh assured people of the district of breaking the siege soon.

Badghis is an insecure district in the north, where Taliban have active presence and several times had carried out attacks against the Afghan security forces.

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