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‘Taliban unwavering over Islamic Emirate’

Afghans want a sustainable peace to preserve democracy, freedom of expression, human rights, women rights and achievements of last 20 years, Mr. Nab deputy foreign minister said

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KABUL: Deputy Foreign Minister says that the Taliban group are seeking the establishment of the “Islamic Emirate” in Afghanistan, a system the group held in ruling the country back in 1996s.

Talking in a feast hosted by the Afghanistan Embassy in Dushanbe ahead of the Heart of Asia- Istanbul Process, deputy minister, Mirwais Nab stressed on regional and international consensus on the peace process.

According to the statement of the foreign ministry, Nab called for a mutual cooperation for economic development, regional connectivity and counterterrorism and extremism in the region.

“The government and people of Afghanistan want a sustainable peace that could preserve democracy, achievements of 20 years, including freedom of express, human rights and women rights,” he added.

Referring to the Taliban, Nab said that the militants continue links with other terrorist groups and circles that are involved in killing of the Afghan people. Based on some findings about Taliban’s representatives’ trips to some regional countries, Nab said, the group is still seeking the ensuring of an “Emirate System”.

This comes as the U.S., Russia, China and Pakistan had recently released a joint statement following the ‘Troika” meeting, in which strongly denied the establishment of the Taliban’s Emirate System in Afghanistan.

The 9th Conference of Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process was held on Monday with the presence of a number of foreign ministers of Asian countries in Tajikistan’s capital of Dushanbe. The Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani also left Kabul on Monday morning for Tajikistan to participate in the conference and meet the country’s officials on issues related to the Afghan peace process.

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