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Balochis mark its 70th Independence Day

Will frequently fight for freedom of Balochistan: Baloch

‘Where human right is? Balochistan bloodbath has to be ended. Never use Balochistan soil against Afghanistan”

AT-KABUL: Baloch minority celebrated their 70th Independence Day in Kabul, while showing strong commitment to fight for freedom of Balochistan. The Baloch people say that they got independence on August 11 1947 from the British. However in 1948 Pakistan annexed the provided.

“Balochistan was an independent country, and we will take back our independency,” Head of Balochs Council, Dr. Shiraqa Baluch said this in a gathering commemorating Independence Day.

He added that since brutal raid of Pakistan on Balochistan in 1948 till now, Balochis have been fighting for independency.

Since 1948, thousands of Balochis including women and children have been killed or wounded by Pakistani invaders. “Noting this carnage, no human rights and international community have ever reacted to stop such brutality.”

Moreover, he criticized UN Security Council for remaining silent over killing of hundreds of civilians in Balochistan by Pakistani forces.

Pointing toward Afghan media, he expressed grievance that even media did not reflect the going catastrophe in Balochistan.

An elder from Baloch, Hafiz Hasan Abadi, said:  “Baloch people would never step back from their war for independency of Balochistan.”

He added:  “An independent Balochistan is in the very much interest of Afghanistan, and we won’t let anyone to use Balochistan soil against Afghanistan.”

Till Balochistan not get freedom, Pakistan would never let peace to be maintained in Afghanistan, he said, adding, “Pakistan is our joint enemy, we want Afghans to support us in our holy war of independency.”

Head of Afghanistan Naween Research Center, Abdullah Hewad said: “Once Balochistan issue landed in the table of UN Security Council, not only this, but all other concerns including terrorism will be resolved.”

He added that Afghan people have to stand by the side of Baloch people, and put a full end on the ongoing cruelty against Balochis.

He also hinted toward ending of Afghanistan as landlocked country, saying by Independency of Balochistan, the country will gain access to the sea.

We are supporters of Baloch people, he said, adding that only 35,000 undocumented Balochis are living in Nimruz province. “They should be given identity cards.”

The people of Balochistan are not happy with Pakistan, and they want freedom. To suffocate their independency voice, the Pakistan government by air and ground attacks them. Human rights violations have been in form of torture, extra judicial killings, mysterious disappearances of those opposing the military and etc…

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