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“Baloch’s genocide begun in Pakistan”

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KABUL: Social Council of Baloch tribes on Wednesday said that Pakistan began genocide of Balochs living there, where according to them, over 46,000 Baloch either killed or disappeared by Pakistani Military personnel.

The members of Baloch Council said this in a meeting on the occasion of the occupation of Balochistan by the Pakistani Army in Kabul.

Furthermore, the Baloch Council called on global human rights organizations and the United Nations to stop Pakistani government’s violence against them.

“Pakistan has taken violent actions against the Baloch tribes living there, and they have been forced to leave their country,” the council member added.

“Pakistan dose not even provide basic rights to Baloch, even the income resources and revenue of this region are given to other states of Pakistan,” Spein Baloch a member of the council said.

According to them, Pakistan has begun process of assassination of Baloch’s elders, and those who fight for their rights are being killed by Pakistani army.

Sheragah Baloch, head of the council, said Balochistan, now has been considered as part of Pakistan after Pakistani army occupied it in 1948. “Since then Baloch freedom fighters are fighting against Pakistan.”

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