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Breach of law is unbearable; govt must kick off e-ID cards issuance: CMSJ

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Civic Movement of Social Justice (CMSJ) on Monday lashed at the government for delaying the distribution process of national electronic ID.

The movement called on the government to kick off the process as soon as possible.

Member of CMSJ Ahmad Zaki while expressing concerns said the government must not keep the issuance of the e-ID cards further on hold and if it does then it is tantamount to breaching the law.

Talking to newsmen here, he said the distribution of the electronic ID cards is a legal and national process, which can help the government in census and running elections transparently.

“Electronic ID cards also will lead to decline in crime rate and security issues,” Zaki said.

He said it will also help the government in preparing fiscal budgets and allocating funds for infrastructure projects.

He questioned why the issuance of e-ID cards couldn’t be started despite the approval of the relevant law by the Parliament and President?

He urged the National Unity Government (NUG) to implement the law at any cost and start the distribution of electronic ID cards as soon as possible. “Any reason that is causing the delay of the e-ID cards must legally be addressed and in no one should be allowed to breach the law,” Zaki said.

He said in order to overcome the despondency and distrust among the general public regarding the delay, the government must give assign the date as further delay is becoming perturbing.

Another member of CMSJ Ahmad Shah Stanikzai said that according to their reports the e-ID cards authority (office) doesn’t face any technical issues and the office is fully capable to start the issuance of the cards, in such a situation the delay is irksome. He said unfortunately some elements have been trying to turn the matter into an ethnic issue through TV channels to create challenges for the electronic ID cards distribution authorities. Another member of CMSJ, Dost Zada said that Afghanistan has been passing through a critical situation therefore no one should be allowed to breach the law and play with the Constitution. “There must not be any compromise,” he said.

Dost Zada demanded of the government to start the issuance of the e-ID cards right away as it is the demand of the nation therefore the government must announce the date as further delay is unbearable. The government had decided to start the issuance of the cards on Independence Day which was marked on September 19, but because of some inexplicable reasons the issuance was postponed for an indefinite time.

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