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Susan Rice in Pakistan and the concerns of Kabul

For Pakistan, Afghanistan is a gadfly. For Afghanistan, Pakistan is a terrorist camp. For the United States both are allies in the international war on terror. But how the US treats the two is part of our contemporary history. When the one commits atrocities and kills Americans in Afghanistan it receives a sweet-scold. Oh no, is there any sweet-scold anyway? Perhaps not. Then? Yes the carrot is there for Pakistan but not the stick. Pakistan has had been flooded with American aid so generously that Islamabad thought it must be more rascal to get more aid. Why the US is so bounteous on Islamabad after all? Perhaps Washington thinks by giving more candies to this rascal Islamabad will ameliorate itself, but after all Pakistan is the experiment of English and the scars of what the English has done to this region are still being felt by many in the region. Being an experiment of the English, it has an inherited artifice and dreams about the incomplete mission of the then GB to bring Afghanistan under its fold. When Afghanistan commits some atrocities, then all of a sudden the US loses its temper and even thought of using nukes against Afghanistan for the 9/11 attacks. Even this idea is horrific let alone nuking. And the one who has been kicking their a** are being rewarded. This is not only ridiculous but extremely perturbing. Instead of slapping some economic sanctions, punishing Islamabad, the United States has been showing leniency. If the international community can slap economic sanctions on Russia why it cannot on Pakistan to teach it a lesson for rearing the snakes? At last what is the US weakness that makes it so emasculated in front of its own client state? Now look at the language the US national security advisor, Susan Rice, used during her official meetings with Pakistan’s top civilian and military leaderships. She told Pakistani officials the attacks in neighboring Afghanistan by Pakistan-based militants were absolutely unacceptable. This is hilariously funny. She just says this is unacceptable. Pakistan’s officials usually enjoy such sugary warnings or even the word of unacceptability doesn’t fit the definition of a warning. Perhaps in lexicology this expression means displeasure, but with no intention to do anything. Pakistan sheltered Bin Laden. Pakistan has been sheltering the dreaded Haqqani Network. Pakistan has been providing safe havens to the Taliban. Pakistan has been providing them travelling documents for international trips. And yet Islamabad brazenly says it is supporting peace in Afghanistan. And when Kabul screams and raises its fingers at Islamabad, then Afghanistan becomes a gadfly. And the US rushes to the scene, dictates Kabul to have patience and bear some more and gives a sweet-scold to Islamabad. The rascals reiterate they are supporting peace in Afghanistan and when the US officials fly back home, the play of chaos and bloodshed is run once again. This is happening since 2001. Before 2001, Pakistan was experimenting and the US was watching the developments from a far away. When Pakistan’s henchmen, the al-Qaeda and Taliban, set their teeth in the United States, Washington rushed to Kabul in a mad run instead of punishing the master. Perhaps the United States is afraid of punishing the master of the terrorists. This is the real hardest test of Afghanistan’s patience. None must underestimate the troubles of Afghanistan. They could explode Afghanistan and this time with its explosion, many other nations will explode.

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