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Candidates warn of likely post-election crisis

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KABUL: Presidential Candidates Council (PCC) on Monday has warned of likely post-election crisis as Afghan election held in 28th September is believed to be rigged, and already the two candidates declared victory which itself indicates the beginning of crisis.

Mohammad Shahab Hakimi, the member of PCC and presidential candidate, in presence of number of Presidential Candidates, said that monopolizing of election by the two governmental teams, declaring earlier victory by each, and adopting threating positions is a clear sign of inequitable ground, which has marred all electoral criteria.

On behalf of Presidential Candidates, Mr. Hakimi in a press briefing told newsmen that current paradoxes in providing data by Independent Election Commission (IEC), taking tense stances and particularly insisting over non-biometric votes have expanded the scope of catastrophe that already undermined legitimacy of the 28th September election.      

In case of crisis, he underlined the need of third party to have all national capacities to break the deadlock and cope with the crunch.

PCC is ready to work to rheostat the likely crisis in cooperation with the people, national forces and in national solidarity to offer a fair alternative for a responsible governance, he asserted.

“PCC won’t accept bullying, seducing, fraud in the national process and will stand against it.”

Meanwhile, another candidate, Ahamad Wali Masoud said they have full respect to all clean votes, but warned to stand against fraudulent votes which is not acceptable. “Sans biometric votes are not acceptable.”

Another presidential candidate, Rahmatullah Nabil said that Afghan people, and the security forces have been bearing up high sacrifices in the past five years. According to him “poverty, joblessness and brain drain of youths from the country were due to fraud in 2014 presidential election that unfortunately once again the same blunder is going to be repeated at 2019 election.” However, he called on Afghan masses to stand against the fraud, meanwhile called on the IEC must separate biometric votes from non-biometric.

Another Presidential Candidate, Faramarz Tamana has expressed his deepest concern over fraud, saying anyone involved in fraud during election must be brought to the justice.

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