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Capabilities without doubt

The Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) always stand unsurpassed in the battlefield against anti-government elements. In the extremely fluid security situation in 2015, the ANSF have come up with a tremendous performance against insurgents. The Afghan security forces were successful at many fronts in the fight against militants. From the standpoint of justice, it will not be fair to give the credit of matchless sacrifices rendered by the ANSF to someone else who had no part in maintaining the security last year. The ANSF proved the mettle and standing firm against internal and foreign aggressions.

When the insurgents took control of Kunduz province for a few days, the ANSF did not step down their efforts to retake control of the province. Security forces retook the province soon after it fell. Although, insurgency and terrorism markedly increased and insurgents are making last-ditch effort to fulfill their evil plans and demoralize the ANSF in the battlefield. But they failed. Without ifs and buts, the moral of the ANSF in the battleground was and is much high all the time.

Being failed at the war fronts, the insurgents are now hell-bent on creating doubts among Afghans over capabilities of the ANSF.

But, they also failed at this front and they could not overshadow security forces’ moral. People love their security forces because everyone knows that it is ANSF that ensures the victim of war nation of comfortable life.

Moreover, performances and gains of the ANSF in 2015 turned a new page in the security chapter of the country. This has increased trust of masses over their men and women in uniform manifolds. In fact, this is a chapter of trust, hope and reliability. It is mostly about public-ANSF relations and a strong bond of unity and trust between the two.

A large number of Afghan security forces were martyred in defending their homeland. For sure, their sacrifices will be never erased from our minds and hearts. They are alive as the God promises: Martyrs never die. They are no more physically in this world, but stories of their bravery and courage are now part of our golden history. They have left their families and the countrymen behind with the fruit of better security which we are enjoying. The fading fire of violence in some parts of the country cannot turn us against the reality. The reality is that our troops are extinguishing the fire of war with their blood to fulfill the promise of free and smokeless air to breath.

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