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Invisible Afghan children

By Ezzatullah Mehrdad-Being a child in Afghanistan is a life-time misfortune, where children are invisible victims of the war, desperate poverty and domestic violence. The ongoing war in the country silently leaves children dead or wounded in record numbers. As it seems no end to the war, children likely remain …

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Pakistan’s double game benefits none

By Ezzatullah Mehrdad-From the very beginning of the global war on terror since 2000, Pakistan, a militarized country, has used to play a double game in volatile region which undermine peace and stability of Middle East, Central Asia and Southern Asian countries. The Pakistan’s game doesn’t even benefit Pakistani people, …

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Here comes generation Z

By Ezzatullah Mehrdad-In April, friends and family members of Freshta Bakhtiari, a senior high school student, celebrated her 17th birthday. The party reminds her that she is one of teenagers who lives shared pattern of the Generation Z which she belongs. Generation Z, which is also known as Post-Millennial, the …

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Pakistan’s terrorist proxies from local death squads to Islamic State warriors

By LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD -According to security officials in Quetta, Shafiq Mengal is the leader of the Islamic State in Pakistan. He was, quite literally, home-grown by the Pakistani government and has now gone rogue, like so many of Pakistan’s proxy prodigies. Shafiq Mengal is the son of former Pakistan state minister for …

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“Durand’s Curse”

Blood and fire have often blighted Afghanistan; the three Anglo-Afghan wars being among the bloodiest and the most cruel in its history. But Britain’s partitioning of Afghanistan will rank as the greatest crime of the nineteenth century. That arbitrary line which Mortimer Durand drew in 1893 on a small piece …

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Afghanistan and SAARC

By Mohammad Mosa Ahmadzai-After the Second World War the importance of regionalism has become increasingly and unavoidably important. World politics entered into a new era of regional integration and economic cooperation. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) was proposed from 1970 to 1980 by Ziaur Rahman, the then president …

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Defeat Terrorism – End Sanctuaries

By Dr. Zia Nezam,: Former Afghan Ambassador to Vienne, Brussels and Rome Winning the Afghan people’s war against terrorism without wiping out sanctuaries outside Afghanistan is impossible. Afghanistan today is challenged by an upsurge in terrorist attacks. These recent criminal acts have heightened tension within our National Unity government, and …

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Pakistan: The undeclared Jihad factory

By: Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS, Member of the European Parliament The recent ghastly terror attacks in Kabul and London makes me wonder whether such acts of violence are fast becoming the new normal in our lives. Over the last few years, we, as citizens of this world, have grieved for hundreds of …

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The mysterious ban on a life-saving aircraft

Politicians love helicopters, quick-moving aircraft that don’t need a runway and can get you between meetings while others are stuck in traffic. They are also the key to search and rescue at sea and in mountainous terrain. But in Britain and Norway, a ban on a model well known in …

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Kalbhushan Jadhav and the terrible history of Pakistani judicial and military justice

By Shafi Muhammad Burfat-An open letter to the United Nations’ Commission on Human Rights and International law, The International Court of Justice, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, European Parliament, European External Action Service, All the head of Democratic countries of the world and other International Human Rights Organizations. Honorable United …

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