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‘Ceasefire, post-peace system tough issues in peace talks’

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KABUL: Second Deputy of Reconciliation Council, Assadullah Saadati calls the ceasefire and a post-peace governing system would be challenging issues to be discussed in the peace negotiations.

In a session held Monday by the youth representatives, Saadati said that cease fire would be the top of government’s agenda in the negotiations with the Taliban, but criticized the militants for downplaying it. He said negotiations on the cease fire would be challenging.

He said that Taliban try to hide their favorite system of Islamic Emirate under the title of an “Islamic System”, while the Emirate is their goal in the negotiations.

The deputy head of reconciliation council blamed the Taliban for keeping ambiguity in the talks, emphasizing that the republic system unchangeable in the negotiations.

He said that ensuring peace in Afghanistan would be difficult as the republic and emirate choices are far away from each other.

Saadati emphasized that peace could be ensured by justice in which the rights of all citizens including women be observed.

The Afghan and Taliban negotiating teams are on a three-week leave and are expected to resume talks on peace on January 5. However, the venue of the second round of negotiations is not clear yet and President Ghani calls for holding it inside the country.

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