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China ponders $10m investment in Afghan pharmaceuticals

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KABUL – The National Food and Drug Authority (NFDA) has announced that a Chinese company called TNA has displayed a strong inclination to invest $10 million in the production of medicine within Afghanistan.

In a statement released by the NFDA, it was emphasized that the Chinese firm has expressed its willingness to contribute $10 million towards the establishment of a pharmaceutical factory in the country. This development presents a promising opportunity for the advancement of Afghanistan’s pharmaceutical sector.

According to reports, the executive director of TNA recently held a meeting with NFDA officials on Monday to discuss their keen interest in investment. NFDA officials, in turn, highlighted the favorable conditions for investment that have been provided in Afghanistan and assured that the Islamic Emirate supports investors and is prepared to collaborate with them.

Mohammad Javid Hazheer, spokesperson for NFDA, stated, “The executive director of TNA, who met with the Deputy Minister of Food and Drug Authority, has expressed interest in investing $10 million in Afghanistan. They have requested security assurances and land allocation.”

Furthermore, members of the Drug Manufacturing Companies Union in the country have reported an increase in investments within the sector under the Islamic Emirate. A representative of the union stated, “Foreign investors bringing capital into Afghanistan would yield several positive outcomes. Firstly, it would contribute to our self-sufficiency; secondly, it would enhance the quality of treatment available, and thirdly, it would impact prices. The Islamic Emirate has created a favorable environment for both Afghan and foreign investors. If they choose to invest, the outcomes would be favorable.”

While $300 million has already been invested in the pharmaceutical production sector in Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate aspires to achieve self-sufficiency in this field by attracting foreign investments.

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