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China to provide Afghanistan with economic, military assistance

AT News Report-KABUL: China is to provide economic and military assistance to Afghanistan, a Chinese diplomat said in Kabul, while emphasizing on Beijing’s cooperation in the peace process in the war-ravaged country.

“Military assistance would be provided in addition to other helps to Afghanistan,” Chinese deputy ambassador to Kabul, Zhang Zhixin said Saturday in a gathering held by the regional studies center.

Head of former president Karzai’s office, Karim Khorram called China as a “dynamic economy” factor, accusing the US of not allowing China turn to a super power because it would be harmful for the US and West.

He said that the Middle East was the center of natural resources for China. “But, the US obstacles and creating Daesh and other terrorist groups have limited China’s access to these sources.

However, Zhixin said his country was successful in its ‘One Road One Belt’ initiative and had held bilateral and trilateral talks with Afghan officials.

But Khorram said that such talks would not results as the US was making obstacles for China and using Afghanistan as the base for terrorism.

He added that the US new strategy was focusing on the regional great powers likes China and Russia, instead of terrorist groups.

“We have made a lot of efforts in the peace process in Afghanistan and have had achievements. The ‘One Road One Belt’ project is particularly important for Afghanistan and China,” Chinese diplomat said.

Khorram suggested that Afghan-America relationship should be reviewed, fight against terrorism should be counted. He added that efforts would be fruitless when the US seeks interests in Afghan insecurity and Kabul lacks an independent policy.

China and Afghanistan are enjoying friendly relationship for two decades, and the two countries are working for more strengthening.

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