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China Urges ‘Orderly’ Foreign Troops Withdrawal from Afghanistan

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KABUL: China, which has stepped up its engagement for the success of peace process in Afghanistan, on Sunday called for the orderly foreign troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Speaking in a press conference, Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan, Wang Yu expressed concern over the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, saying it would pave the way for the emergence of other terrorist groups in the region.

When asked about new US proposal which backed formation of transitional government, Mr. Wang said he has no details about the new scheme, adding, he had not been consulted.

Mr. Ambassador said that China will attend the Moscow meeting on the Afghan peace, but he reiterated that Beijing will support an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process.

Moscow will host Afghan, Taliban, plus US and other countries representatives on March 18, where they discuss ways how to accelerate peace efforts to finally end up with a political settlement to end the Afghan war.

Russia has recently supported interim-government in Afghanistan with inclusion of Taliban.

Mr. Wang Yu called for a peaceful solution to Afghanistan’s war, calling on both sides to end the ongoing war politically.

In regards to regional consensus on the Afghan peace process, Mr. Ambassador said that everyone is looking for peace. He termed Afghanistan as an important friend to the region. “Now I can see that the peace is the common goal of the Afghan neighbors.” He said that everybody wants peace in Afghanistan.

This is as Afghan leaders held their meeting of leadership committee of the High Council for National Reconciliation on Sunday, where they discussed the US-proposed draft for Afghanistan’s peace, calling for its thoroughly review for peace and share it back with the US. They also discussed the upcoming international conferences on the reconciliation process.

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