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Civil society criticize electoral delay

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The civil society and political parties criticized the delay in the country’s parliamentary elections, saying that further delay meant to play with nation’s destiny.

“Killing of time for holding parliamentary election is a kind of playing with nation’s fate,” Naim Ayobzada, head of Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan said Sunday.

He said that the civil society and political parties would intensify struggles to defend democracy across the country.

He stated that civil societies, political parties and media outlets made a joint work group to convey the voices of the people to the government on the electoral reform and a transparent election.

“The work group has been established to defend national process and values,” Ayobzada noted.

“Holding the election will put a positive impact on the security improvement.”

He elucidated that as the government emphasized to hold election between summer and autumn, it must be serious and make efforts from now on the electoral commission reforms.

He said that the electronic ID cards should be issued because it prevents fraud.

Head of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan Sediqullah Tawhidi said that systematic reforms are required in electoral bodies.

He called on the government to avoid any interference in the jobs of electoral commissions.

“Organized cluster are outside and inside the government, who are involved in fraud. So, the government must deal with the issue seriously and punish those involved in fraud,” Tawhidi insisted.

Representative of Right and Justice Party Abbas Noyan called institutionalization of democracy necessary in the country, blaming the government of not being serious.

“It is the duty of civil societies and political parties to take steps and raise voices in the aspect,” Noyan said.

It is pertained to mention that the TEFA along with established civil societies, political parties and media outlets working group also made a draft for the government to be fallowed in bringing reforms in electoral bodies and running of a free and fair election in the country.

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