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Clashes at the gates of Kunduz city: Local officials

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KABUL: Local officials in northern Kunduz province blame the government for not paying attention to the security situation in the provincial city, saying that the clashes were now at the gates of Kunduz city, the provincial capital with the same name.

They say that they are worried about their destination as the Taliban fighters still actively exist in the suburbs of the city.

“We have said several times to the president and security officials that we want security in Kunduz, but the attentions have not been paid in regards so far,” said Mohammad Yousif Ayoubi, head of the provincial council.

According to residents, Taliban had warned them to leave their houses to prevent civilian casualties during fight.

“Taliban told some of the residents of the village close to the Kunduz city to leave their homes to prevent civilian casualties, this is a concerned situation for the people,” said Mohibullah, a resident.

“Taliban told us to leave our homes, they fight against the pro-government forces. We want the government to pay attention,” said Mahmood, a resident of Zarkharid area.

Meanwhile, the Kunduz security officials assured people of serious acts against the Taliban and ensuring of good security condition in the province.

However, Helaluddin Helal deputy minister of defense confirmed the Taliban activity in Kunduz city, saying that the security forces would take serious steps against them and would foiled their plans.

“National Police, National Directorate of Security and National Army are working together, and working seriously in regards of security,” he said.

 The residents of Kunduz have been worried over security condition for years, asking the government to wipe out the province from the Taliban.

The Taliban have not commented at this point so far.

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