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Clerics in Jakarta should have issued fatwa again terrorism: Senators

AT-KABUL: Members of Senate are dissatisfied with a meeting consisting of Islamic scholars from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia held Friday in Jakarta, saying it did not issue any religious ruling to prohibit the current Afghan war.

The meeting in its resolution said that suicide attacks and killing civilians was against Islam. It also called on the Taliban fighters to abandon war and bloodshed.

Senators though call the meeting “important and affective”, but say it should have issue a verdict against the war in Afghanistan. They believe the war would decrease if the clerics had called it unlawful.

Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, head of senate, hoped the next meeting planned to be held in Saudi Arabia would issue verdict and call the war in Afghanistan unlawful.

“I wish the three countries’ clerics would spoke against the current war in Afghanistan and would call killing of Muslims unlawful. The Saudi meeting would be bigger than this and I hope the clerics there issue verdict against the war in our country,” he said.

The High Peace Council, however, called the meeting “important, with the council’s deputy chief hoping the meeting would cause decrease of war.

The senators also said that the meeting did not prove Afghan war unlawful. “The Islamic scholars should prove that killing of Afghan Muslims is unlawful and tell the world that the current war has been imposed on Afghans,” said GolalaiAkbari, a member of senate.

Unconfirmed reports say that the Saudi meeting of the Islamic scholars would be held in June to discuss the Afghan war and seek solutions.

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