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Combat terrorism by ending support to terrorists

The three hours of terror that shook the city of lights—Paris, shook the world and made world leaders to hurriedly hurl terror-condemning statements and tried to stand besides France. Like other leaders of the world, our leaders also condemned the attack. But one thing remains unaddressed. Why terrorism has been on the spread despite damning it. There is no political leader across the world, who sides with terrorists, yet terrorism rules the roost. This is not only odd but shameful. There is something wrong and weak in the United Nations. And there is something wrong and weak in international politics and relations.

The inter-faith dialogues are just attempts to divert the views of nations of the world from the real matter that it is the dirty and greedy politics, and the war for resources, that have been responsible for the great divide and terrorism. Today’s terrorism has its roots in greedy politics. Those finance the terrorists groups are certain governments. No terrorist group will survive unless some governments finance it. Any terror group, like an army, needs training, arms, centers, recruits, infrastructure, food, and means of logistics, and it all needs money. Now the question is where the money comes from? How terrorism is being financed? If reaping terrorism needs trillions of dollars, it clearly shows at least billions have been invested in it.

Besides that when it comes to fighting or condemning terrorism, approaches are different. A quite visible difference is seen. This selective approach even is divisive. There are a dozen terror attacks in our region, and the Middle East, but you wouldn’t see the leaders of the so-called leading nations of the world getting to their social networking sites and issuing condemnatory statements, but when Afghans, Yemenites, Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians, tribesmen in FATA along the Durand Line, die in terror attacks, the world, if not completely mute, at least selectively condemns it. If a white man dies in terror attacks, then they are all united, but when people with brown skin die, why they are considered to be just hoi polloi.

If the world is really a global village, and those calling themselves to be humanists, they must condemn terrorism everywhere with one voice. And when governments are financing terrorist groups, we all need to make it clear to our governments that we are appalled and ruined by the deleterious implications of disastrous foreign policies and the innocent civilians who die because of terrorism, across the world—whether in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Pashtun belt in Pakistan, Palestine, Ukraine, Lebanon, Paris, London, or New York, needs the same approach, lest, the world is still divided into the colonial powers and colonies.

To turn the world into a global village in true sense, to condemn terrorism in true sense, and define humanity in true sense as even the word “humanity” is selectively used, then all civilized nations that are weapon exporters should stop providing weapons to terrorists, end occupation, military interventions, proxy wars, divide and rule strategies, and pursuing strategic goals, then see how miracles happen and how the greatest humanity starts yielding its fruits—peace, love and harmony.

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