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Covid-19 drop in Afghanistan for 5th consecutive day

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KABUL: Afghan Health officials said that coronavirus cases have seen a slight reduction for a 5th consecutive day in a row, amid an overwhelming public anxiety that the virus might continue to spread further beyond summer.

Deputy Minister of Health, Shafiqullah Shahim, said Afghanistan had only 324 coronavirus cases over the past day, with 20 fatalities. He warned of a rebound in infections if social distancing is not observed.

The total number of the infected people now stand at 29,481.

Based on the health ministry’s statics, less than 50 percent of the samples tested positive for Covid-19 during the recent days.

“Based on the statics that we compared, the cases of coronavirus had been in a high spike after Ramadan and Eid but now we are going in a balance,” Shahim said. “The lower numbers of cases are giving us a hope.” 

But the ministry has also called on the people to take the virus and its protective measures still serious. “If we pay caution and observe the recommendation of the public health, we may go to a lower level,” said Akmal Samsor a spokesman for the ministry health. “If our people don’t pay attention, the cases may go back to a high spike.

Deputy Minister of health said that 265 ventilators exist in Afghanistan and the number of the ventilator would surge up to 900 within one month.

The ministry has spent 13 million of the 15 million dollar allocated by the government for fighting the Covid-19. Of 100 million dollar aid donated by World Bank to combating the coronavirus in Afghanistan, the ministry said 51 million would be spent in the ongoing year.

In addition to that, the ministry said that 40 million dollar donated by the Asian Development Bank would be spent within 18 months in fighting the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

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