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Daesh may be regaining strength in Faryab

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KABUL: Local officials in northern Faryab have expressed concerns over the extension of IS-K or so called Daesh’s terrorists activities in the province.

Provincial Governor Naqibullah Fayeq said that after the US-Taliban peace deal, the Daesh fighters, who included foreign terrorists as well, have been recruiting fighters and seeking to vigorously strengthening its footprint.

“Our investigations shows that Daesh is recruiting fighters from inside the city too,” he added. 

According to him, most of the Daesh affiliates are Uzbekistani, Qazaqestani, and Tajikistani nationals, who are mostly settled in Almar district of the province.

“Around 300 foreign families are settled in Faryab and Murghab,” Fayeq said.

A resident, Sayed Hosien Hashimi said that the foreign families are equipped with guns and that they are not in contact with the local people. “They are seen in Almar district,” he added. “They are Chichins, speaking Arabic, English and Turkish languages.”

The Afghan government earlier announced the defeat of Daesh militants in Afghanistan after the Afghan security forces conducted intensive operations on the group’s strongholds in eastern Nangarhar province.

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