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Deadly avalanche kills 25 in Nuristan

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KABUL – An avalanche wreaked havoc in the eastern Afghan province of Nuristan, claiming the lives of at least 25 individuals and leaving eight others injured, according to a provincial official. The disaster struck the village of Nakre in the Tatin valley of Nuristan overnight, burying homes under layers of snow and debris.

Jamiullah Hashimi, the provincial head of information and culture, reported ongoing rescue efforts amidst continuing snowfall. “It is still snowing. Rescue efforts are under way and the number of dead may increase,” Hashimi stated on Monday.

The avalanche demolished around 20 houses, causing extensive destruction and displacing numerous families. Maulvi Mohammad Nabi Adel, the head of public works in the province, highlighted the challenges faced by rescue teams due to adverse weather conditions. “Due to clouds and rain, the helicopter cannot land in Nuristan,” he explained, adding that blocked roads further complicated the rescue operation.

Nuristan province, situated along the border with Pakistan, features rugged mountainous terrain and is susceptible to natural disasters. The delayed onset of snowfall this year in Afghanistan, a nation accustomed to harsh winters, has disrupted normal agricultural practices, exacerbating the challenges faced by its impoverished population.

With a history marred by decades of conflict and instability, Afghanistan remains particularly vulnerable to the impact of extreme weather events and natural calamities.

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