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Dubai Airlines resumes flights to Kabul


Kabul: According to “Ghulam Jilani Wafa”, Taliban deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation the Dubai airline known as “Fly Dubai” will resume its flights to Afghanistan within the next month.

Stating that all conditions for international flights have been provided at Kabul airport, he said: It was decided that they need at least one and a half months to sell tickets and resume flights, and now they will start their flights to Kabul within the next month.

“Imamuddin Ahmadi”, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, also stated that currently 30 flights are made from Kabul airport to Afghanistan and abroad.

According to “Tolo News”, Ahmadi said, private commercial companies start their flights based on their passengers, but we have flights to all countries. In some countries, Afghan companies, and in other countries, their own companies, as well as companies that have stopped flying to Afghanistan, are replaced by Ariana flights, and there are no problems for passengers.

Meanwhile, the “Turkish Airlines” website also announced that this airline will resume its flights to Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif from March.

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