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ED: Anti-terror campaign

Afghanistan as a frontline state against war on terror is suffering greater as already had rendered the highest level of sacrifices in this global campaign. However, terrorism is not only the issue of Afghanistan, but a serious threat to the peace and stability of the region and the world as well. We all have firm believe that terrorist outfits are not confined to a specific religion, culture, language and geography. Actually the ongoing terrorism is enmity to democracy, peace, stability, modernization, development, religious and cultural tolerance. What is happening in Afghanistan is not war in traditional sense. This is clearly a crime against humanity because it is deliberate and intentional killing of civilians for the goals of terrorists and their supporters. Since 9/11 over 26,000 civilian deaths as a result of terrorism have been documented while more than 29,000 civilians sustained injuries. Despite the valuable sacrifices by the coalition forces, Afghan security forces and civilians, security personnel and militants are recorded to have been killed. In addition to that 360,000 Afghans have been died through indirect causes related to war. The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) in its report published in the first quarter of 2017 documented 2,181 civilian casualties (715 dead and 1,466 wounded). Keeping in view the heinous acts and ambitions of terrorists we need a war footed commitment and coordinated efforts for eliminating terrorism from the surface of the earth before terrorism put an end to the humanity on the earth. That’s why Afghanistan is continuously making efforts for result-oriented global campaign against terrorism in a bid to save humanity, spread tolerance and harmony across the world. The Kabul Process Conference held on June six and the 4th Afghanistan-Central Asia Dialogue kicked off in Bamyan province yesterday are parts of this campaign seeking joint mechanism and meaningful strategy against the cancer of terrorism, which is an existential threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity, peace and harmony of regional countries. Unfortunately, such type of coordination by some neighboring countries is only limited to the headlines of newspapers. The hostile neighborhood of Afghanistan still harboring terrorism where the various local and international terrorist groups are freely roaming, nurturing in their breeding nurseries from where they are conducting and operating terrorist activities in Afghanistan aimed at stabilizing the country, and to undermine the US-led NATO mission. Kabul opens door for reconciliation and emphasizes on crackdown of all terrorist groups without any distinction, kept by some neighbors. Time has arrived for the regional and international community to overcome double standard and soft corner for terrorists and to strengthen the shoulders of Kabul. This is a sacred fact that time is not running with terrorists and their masters. Those who pump terror in Afghanistan would be the ultimate loser. Any country which considers terrorist groups as strategic assets might be changed in strategic death for them. Taking the advantage of the Afghanistan-Central Asia Dialogue, all the Central Asian countries must reach a meaningful coordination with Kabul. Pakistan and Iran must give up hostility with Afghanistan by taking comfortable actions against terrorist outfits, enjoying sanctuaries and support on their soil. Importantly, the US new strategy on Afghanistan must focus on sanctuaries of terrorism rather than increase in troops.

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