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ED: Education key to success

Over the past three decades Afghanistan has been in war and also lingered in different conflicts with far-reaching consequences to every sector where education system was also not remained untouched. During war the Afghan masses despite losing every livings in form of materials, they also lost access to education, a key element which is imperative for everyone. During the darkest regime of the Taliban, education for girls and women was prohibited. The move pushed female to an uncertain situation as they lost all their basic rights. This act of the Taliban insurgents was a big blow to the education system. However, after withdrew of their regime, the new Kabul administration with strong support of western countries, has began reconstruction efforts, placing a strong emphasis on education. Furthermore, the constitution cited that both formal and religious education will be provided free of charge. Afghanistan is among handful countries that provides education free of cost. Such system is very much atypical across the world and education in the country has witnessed tremendous gains. The country is doing enough to provide education facilities to the masses. Despite that, it is very annoying that more than 400,000 children, over 1,100 per day are expected to drop out of school this year. The start projection comes as new school year in Afghanistan has already kicked off. The save children analysis has shown that almost a third of all children across the country—3.7 million—are unable to go to school, leaving them at increased risk of child labor, recruitment by armed groups, trafficking, early marriage and other forms of exploitation. It becomes worse by a tightening of regulations by authorities in Pakistan, which forced more than 610,000 Afghan to return from Pakistan in 2016. This year up to one million will return, threatening to overwhelm already swamped health and education services. According to save children analysis, over half of all returnee children are currently out of school, often working on the streets because their parents haven’t been able to find a job since arriving back in the country. Without doubt, it is very happy moment to see children go back to class for the first time after a long winter. But at the same time it is very irritating to see millions of children don’t have access to education and are struggling to survive. However, since schooling is free of charge, the parents have to send their children to school for sake of their family and the war-hit country as an educated youth can steer the country toward development. Undoubtedly, education is key to success and also important to break the cycle of poverty. It is noteworthy that Afghans through the aged of conflicts has kept a pragmatic and optimistic approach and showed a keen interest in the education of their children even at conditions of poverty and despair. Furthermore, it is responsibility of the government to immediately provide education facilities to all children deprived of going to school.

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