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ED: Enemy so close

In the wake of Thursday night’s terrorist attack in the eastern outskirts of the capital in which reportedly 13 police officers were martyred and nearly 20 others including civilians wounded, police and military sources claimed that a “terrorist network” was active.

Commander of Kabul garrison, Afzal Aman said that the shopkeepers’ riot paved the ground for the bomber to blew himself up among the crowd. Also Kabul police chief, Salem Ehsas, said that he would not reject what he called “direct and close relations” between the alcoholic beverage, and drug sellers and terrorist networks. During an operation launched by the police and military to close the drugs and alcoholic beverage shops in the Police District 9, the shopkeepers resisted and one of them was killed. They staged demonstrations and blocked the road and started clashes with security forces that a suicide bomber detonated his explosives. The Daesh terrorist group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Unconfirmed reports say that police have found suicide belts in the shops.

The words of top Kabul security officials indicate that the enemy of the people is actually at the gates of their houses and the possibility of any attack is so high. The Daesh terrorist group that has recently intensified attacks in different parts of the country, has caused citizens not to think of Taliban militants who in the past were the immediate accused of such attacks.

The group killed 50 civilians and injured 90 more in a similar attack targeted a cultural center just last week. The beliefs that Daesh is targeting only Shiite Muslims become untrue now as the latest incident took place in an area where all the residents are our Sunni brothers and sisters.

The terrorist group that emerged in the Middle Eastern Iraq and Syria, killed, injured and took hostage the people who were mostly Sunni Muslims.

The government, security and intelligence forces as well as people of Afghanistan have to be aware of such plots that terrorism does not recognize boundaries, religions and ethnicities. Their aim is to remove the human being and destroy historical and cultural honors.

This reality should not be neglected that terrorism has its backers in the political and intelligence bodies of the some countries that want to use them as proxies against their neighboring countries.

Our security and intelligence operatives are working round the clock for the calmness and security of their people, as the national directorate of security prevented a series of big attacks in Kabul by arresting a group of Daesh affiliates a couple of days ago.

We appreciate such efforts, but we should be aware that the enemy does not spare anything to carry out bloody attacks. So, more work should be done to uproot the satanic networks.

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